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    The safety and wellbeing of our employees is paramount to the success of MAALI Group. Our team is committed to the safety of each other and ensuring every employee goes home safely each day. 

    Our Foundations for SHEQ


    • Our leaders are visible, engaged with all levels of the organisation and lead by example.

    Engagement and Teamwork

    • Through effective engagement with our teams, we better understand the challenges and obstacles they face.
    • We work collaboratively with our teams in order to develop and implement the most practical solutions and improvements.

    Risk Focused

    • We embedded risk management into everything we do.
    • We celebrate our achievements to drive further engagement, invest and ownership in SHEQ.


    • We build the skills, knowledge and confidence of our team members to empower them to make their own decisions.
    • We consult with our teams, enabling them to contribute to the bigger picture.


    • We are open to learning from each other, our clients and industry.

    Safety Non-Negotibles

    MAALI Group have introduced a set of safety non-negotibles.

    These 9 safety non-negotibles are designed to:

    • Increase knowledge of our most common high risks.
    • Promote understanding of our critical risk control measures.
    • Provide a clear set of rules that are easily understood and known by all.
    • Ultimately, prevent serious workplace injury and fatality.

    Safety and Mateship

    Our Safety Non-Negotibles are based around our core values of Safety and Mateship. Oure core value of mateship drives us to not only look after ourselves, but our mates as well.

      Stop Work Authority

      MAALI Group also empowers our team members with a Stop Work Authority. A Stop Work Authority gives any employees at any level, the right to halt a job or task they believe to be unsafe without risk of reprisal.

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